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THE Secret to PLR Riches Online...
by Jim Daniels

Positioning is everything in PLR. If you know where to position yourself in the PLR industry, you can make a lot of money. 

Today I'll show you how to get into the power position. This is top secret stuff, so pay close attention.

Positioning Yourself For Massive Profits With PLR

Quick, who earns the most money in the fast food industry?

Is it the teenage worker who hands you your burger and fries at the drive-thru window? Of course not. In fact, they are at the bottom rung of the ladder.

Is it the manager of the store? No, they do better, but not by much.

Is it the store owner?

You're getting warmer. The franchisee usually earns a very handsome living.

But lets go up a few more levels – to the corporation.

Obviously, the corporation makes billions a year. Because they own the products. They own the rights to everything, they control the products and the locations where the products are sold. They even earn money when franchisees sign up to push their products out those drive-thru windows.

As you can clearly see from this example, positioning is everything.

Get in the wrong position in any industry, and you'll struggle to make ends meet.

However, if you can find a business where you can get in at a higher level without a large invesetment in money or time, then you can really cash in quickly.

The online PLR industry is one of the few places I know of where you can step right in at the top.

Now I'm not saying you're going to earn billions with private label rights. That's impossible. I'm only giving you this example so you can see just how important positioning is.

But just like most industries, the private label rights industry, offers many positions. So you have to give some serious consideration to where you are positioning yourself.

There are the countless people buying products with resale rights, so they can resell them as is. While you can do far better than a fast-food server when buying and selling products with resale rights, this is not the ideal position.

So lets move up the PLR ladder one rung... 

There are the smarter people buying products with Private Label Rights so they can tweak them and sell them as their own. This is a solid position, one I compare to the franchisee who does quite well by letting many other people do the bulk of the work.

But there is a rung that is even higher up the PLR ladder. I'll share that with you right after you check out this sponsor message...

The highest rung on the PLR ladder is It is occupied by the clever folks who are really cleaning up, the folks who are creating and selling the PLR products so others can customize them as their own.

That is the top position in the resale rights industry – the position where you want to be.

Now at first glance, this position looks to be the most difficult to attain. That's because you need products you own complete, unrestricted rights to. You usually have to create these products yourself.

Or, (shameless plug alert) you can buy pre-made product packs with unrestricted rights like this one I just re-released for a few days...

Then you can customize the products to make your own package and sell the products to customers with PLR rights, so they can get a head start on having their own products.

So why doesn't everyone go for this top rung? 

Well, because it usually requires a bit more work, even if you're not creating a product from scratch. At a bare minimum you'll need a really good unrestricted rights products that will require only a little rewriting, personalizing, renaming of ebooks and newly designed graphics.

But let me assure you, it is worth the minimal effort it requires.

Because position is everything. You want to be on the top tier of any business whenever possible, and this is one of the few industries where you can step right onto the top tier.

Think about it. Most industries require you to start at the bottom as an hourly worker. Work your way up through the ranks. Maybe every few years, move up a level. Maybe make it to the top or close to it near the end of a long career.

I say who has time for that!

In the PLR business, you can become an information and product provider to the masses, all in a matter of a few days. You can provide much-needed info-products to as many niches as you want, and reap the rewards. You can even start today by putting together a package yourself or using my pre-made PLR seller solution.

The bottom line is this... if you're going into the PLR industry, be sure to position yourself at the top, if you want the most profit possible.


To your success,
Jim Daniels

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