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Self-Publish and Live the Author's Lifestyle

In today's gazette I want to help anyone who thinks they may have a book in them. Whether it's an instructional manual, a novel or a memoir I'll help you get it out of your head and making you money.

First Things First...

Publishing is what you do after you've written a book. It has to come after the actual writing process, which sort of puts it on the back burner for any writer or author whose book is still a work in progress.

No matter what you write, there is an audience out there for you, and they will read your book if you put it out there and promote it effectively.

But ultimately, the quality of the book will have a direct effect on how successful it will be following publication. While marketing the book is the lifeblood of your book income --- the writing itself is arguably the heart of everything when it comes to publishing your first book. This is the step that will likely take the most time, care, inspiration, editing, skill and talent.

If you plan on self-publishing your own book or ebook as a debut author, you'll certainly have your work cut out for you once your work is finished. But perhaps surprisingly, very little of that work will involve further writing. It focuses on and demands efforts in several different areas, but writing is not among the most important.

Being successful in self-publishing your own books requires an individual who is somewhat a jack of all trades, unless you have the money to shell out for professional services to take care of editing, cover design, printing and publicizing your book.

I think it's best to take on as much of the project as you can realistically commit to. This is just my personal opinion, but it makes sense to me for an independent author to be, well, just that --- truly independent. 

So lets start by covering the writing process...

4 Important Elements of the Writing Process

You'll need to answer all these questions before you start writing...

1. Fitting writing into your daily life in a practical way.

  • When do you find time to write?
  • How do you manage to write at least a little bit each day, without having to take significant time from other important aspects of your life?
  • What writing exercises do you make daily habits?

2. Finding inspiration and topics for your writing.

  • What do you write about?
  • What genre are you most comfortable with, fiction or non-fiction?
  • What do you readers want, and how can you deliver in a way that brings them back for your next book?
  • Who is your audience and what appeals to them?

3. Developing a long-term writing plan.

  • Are you writing a memoir, or will this be your first book in a series of fiction novels?
  • How long do you want your first book to be, or is that important within your genre?
  • Who are your characters and how do you plan on developing them?
  • If you're writing non-fiction, how will your first book introduce the topics you are likely to write books about in the future?
  • What is your writing strategy for setting yourself apart from other writers in your genre?

4. Editing, proofreading and revising.

  • If you're not hiring an editor, what is your plan for editing your book to look as professional as possible?
  • Have you read through your entire book to check for errors, typos or awkwardness in grammar?
  • Has anyone else read through it as well?
  • Have you spell checked the entire manuscript?
  • Have you removed words that are unnecessary and taken out parts that bog down the writing?
  • How often have you revisited the writing to make appropriate revisions?

Ideas for Your Fiction eBook

  • Collection of short stories
  • Fiction novel
  • Fiction series
  • Collection of poetry

Ideas for Your Non-Fiction eBook

  • Collection of your most popular blog posts
  • A how-to guide, tutorial or course
  • A personal journal or memoir 
  • Compilation of essays, research or opinion
Once you've got these questions answered, you need to consider a lot more issues including where to sell, how to price, how to get customers and more.

If you're up for the journey it can be quite rewarding for anyone. And I do mean anyone. You don't need a college education or any special certification. All you need is ambition and dedication.

How do I know? Well, I've written and self-published many books over the years in both print and ebook version. I've sold thousands of copies and earned my living completely online for the past 18 years because of info-marketing. I know it works.

If you'd like more information about self-publishing click the link below...
  • This is a direct link to a comprehensive PDF where today's gazette lesson originated. (There may be a few dead links, as the PDF is about a year old, but it is one of the best I've read on the topic. And you may be surprised at the previous profession of the author!)


To your success,
Jim Daniels

P.S. Self publishing is one of the 10 ways I make money from the Internet - come see the other nine.

(1000 other smart marketers have this insider information at their disposal, and you may be competing against them!)

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